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Prayer Intentions

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Philippians 4:6
As part of the Sacred Heart Academy community, we are united in faith and prayer and keep in our intentions the needs of our whole community. Through prayer, we ask God to provide grace and strength for the members of our community who are experiencing a difficult time. These prayer intentions will be remembered during our Friday masses.

Please complete the Prayer Intention Request form to submit your request.  Intentions will be posted following review by our Campus Ministry Office.

Please pray for the repose of the souls of:

*John Lauda, father-in-law to Dr. Stephen Sullivan
*Patricia Olvany, grandmother to Molly Hodson '09, who died peacefully in Port Washington on August 22nd.  Mrs. Olvany went to the grammar school at Sacred Heart seminary - the white house on SHA's campus and graduated from there in 1940.
*Muriel Marie Ackerman, mother of Dr. Robert Ackerman
*John Ferguson, former SHA teacher
*Marjorie Prehoda, mother of Carol Prehoda
*Wasyl Puszkydra, father of Maria Miss
*Kelli, daughter of Terry Fundus (former employee)
*Ronald O'Grady, father of Patricia '79, Catherine '82, and Geraldine '83, father in law to Catherine (Lynch) O'Grady '83, and grandfather to Erin O'Grady '10 
*Antoinette Minogue, mother-in-law of Mary Ellen Minogue
*Donna Riesterer Pellegrino '87
*Gloria Ticas, grandmother of Veronica Ticas
*Eunice Totter, grandmother-in-law of Kathryn Mulholland
*Nita Russo, aunt of Beth Kennedy
*Etore Lupo, father-in-law of Mary Chekow
*Regina Alvarez, mother of Jose Berrezueta
*Stephen Jones, grandfather of Kerry Heslin '20 and husband of alumna Mary LeViness Jones
*Robert Cunningham, husband of Patricia '55 and father of Judy '80
*Gina Marie Tanza Drakos, niece of Mary Chekow
*Joseph Luken, brother-in-law to Dorothy West
*Virginia Vetter, aunt of Mary Santora
*Joanne Roth, mother of Madison Roth '15 and aunt of Kelly Gonzalez '17
*Gregory Hammill, father of Mary Jo Hammill Clarke '79, P '12
*Tracy Mancuso, sister of Judy Hahn
*Erwin Kleinmann, the brother of Walter Kleinmann
* Brenda Mazzara, Caitlin Murphy's ('08) mother
* Maria Ramirez, Amanda Ramirez's ('17) grandmother 

* Magalie Bard-Nelson, mother of Claire Bard (’07)

* Paul Wesoly, the grandfather of Mariel Wesoly '18 and Taryn Wesoly '11

* Harry Shamroth, grandfather of Anna Shamroth ('17)

* Maggie Cunningham, great aunt of Kelly Flannery Driggers ('93) and aunt of Mrs. Marie Flannery

* Michael Gregory Joseph Clarke, the son of Mrs. Mary Jo Hammill Clarke ('79) and brother of Molly Clarke ('12)

Prayer Intentions:

*For Melissa Sarosario Jao, who was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer.


*For the speedy recovery of Rose Marie Troy


*For SHA alumna Michelle Buckius, who has been diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer.


*For Mrs. Caroline Latham, principal of St. Joseph High School Brooklyn, and her family and the St. Joseph High School community.


* For the repose of the soul of Karen Frick '83 may she rest in God's loving embrace.


* For our newly elected government leaders may God grace them with wisdom and courage so they promote the common good for all people.

* For all a world that values the life and dignity of each individual in all aspects from conception to natural death and for the Sacred Heart Academy students and faculty who will attend the March for Life. 


*For all those who are struggling to escape poverty may we be aware of our responsibility to be in relationship with our brothers and sisters in our communities and in the world


* For all refugees who are forced to flee from their homes, that God bring peace to them, their families and their country of origin.