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Strategic Plan » A Plan for Sacred Heart Academy

A Plan for Sacred Heart Academy

The 70th Anniversary of Sacred Heart Academy (2019-2020) provided a unique opportunity to celebrate our history, success and mission and to articulate a plan for the future that builds on the foundation established by the Sisters of St. Joseph in 1949.  
This Strategic Plan is designed to direct our focus to ensure we are prepared for continued success and new opportunities. 
Please click on the cover photo to read our Strategic Plan.  Updates will be posted to this page below.
Thank you for your interest in the future of Sacred Heart Academy.
Strat Plan Cover
Strategic Plan Update, November 2019

Academic Excellence 

To address the initiative to “promote school-wide use of technology,” Sacred Heart has announced a new educational technology (ed tech) program for the incoming Class of 2024. (Read more about the Ed Tech program

To support the academic excellence initiatives, SHA has convened a curriculum committee that will “examine the academic program to identify more opportunities for interdisciplinary studies and curriculum pathways.” Assistant Principal for Academics, Mrs. Gina Christel and chairperson of the Social Studies department, Mrs. Denise Rappoport are chairing the committee. Their immediate goals are to review the curriculum guide, graduation requirements and examine master scheduling. 

Sacred Heart is proud to announce the AP Capstone Diploma and Certificate Program from the College Board. The program introduces two new courses, Seminar and Research, that complement and enhance discipline specific AP courses. Over the summer, Dr. Beth Feinman and Dr. Stephen Sullivan participated in the training needed to launch an AP Capstone program at SHA in September 2020. 

Middle States Re-Accreditation
Sacred Heart Academy is scheduled for its six-year reaccreditation by the Middle States Association. In preparation for the Middle States external visiting team in Spring 2021, we have begun the “Excellence by Design” self-study. The protocol requires a review by all the stakeholders of the school’s education programs and services and its organizational capacity to achieve its mission and goals. Dr. Mary Ellen Minogue, Mr. Ken Tompkins and Mr. David Michal, the SHA Internal Coordinators, are working with a planning committee representing faculty, students, parents, trustees and alumnae. The process will be aligned with the strategic plan initiative and create another mechanism to stay accountable to the strategic plan. SHA remains a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence. 

Institutional Sustainability 

To support the initiative to “create and implement fundraising strategies that engage alumnae and stakeholders,” SHA has created the President’s Circle to recognize donors who make annual gifts of $1,000 or more. The Young Alumnae President’s Circle recognizes young alumnae who graduated in the past 15 years and make a gift of $250 or more. 

A donor can reach the President’s Circle threshold by making an outright gift, through recurring gifts and/or company matching gifts to Sacred Heart Academy’s Annual Fund. 

Our donor goal for the President’s Circle is 300. To learn more, or to join the President's Circle, click here.  

12 alumnae participated in Career Day.  Alumnae from various fields including finance & accounting, engineering, medicine, physical therapy, law, media & communications and education spoke to students about the education and skills they needed to support their professional choices. They all spoke to the leadership skills they developed at SHA.  

SHA has re-launched its LinkedIn presence. We are actively promoting both a LinkedIn page as well as an alumnae group. Alumnae may request to join the group and must be approved, which creates an environment to confidently and confidentially post and share jobs and enhance networking opportunities.  Currently, there are 974 alumnae in the alumnae group, and we have developed metrics to track growth.  We look forward to sharing our progress in future updates. If you have not already, be sure to add SHA to your LinkedIn profile. 

Campus Planning

To advance the initiative to “create and implement a comprehensive master plan for facilities,” Sacred Heart has engaged in a competitive bidding process for master planning proposals. The right professional partner will help us visualize the campus in ways that meet SHA’s growing needs. We look forward to announcing our partner in our next update. 

Advancing the Mission

To support the initiative to “expand service opportunities and give witness to Sacred Heart’s mission,” on Friday, November 15, the faculty and staff of Sacred Heart will participate in a retreat and community service project. Fr. Bob Smith will celebrate Mass. A St. Vincent De Paul Society representative will address the needs of the underprivileged on Long Island. SHA partnered with the Mary Brennan Inn and the St. Vincent De Paul Society to create 1,000 shower rolls including washcloths and towels with shampoo, soap and deodorant. The Garden City Hotel has generously partnered with us to provide the donation of toiletries and the SHA faculty donated snack items to create snack bags. 

The Board of Trustees supported the initiative through financial support as well as participation and a portion of the funds raised by the students through SHalloween were also used to underwrite some of the costs. 

In addition, SHA is collaborating with the Mission Integration Committee of the Sisters of St. Joseph to implement a three-year plan for mission orientation of newly hired members of the school community.