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Transfer to SHA

Transfer Process

Sacred Heart Academy is pleased to welcome transfer students. Sacred Heart Academy does not offer an entrance examination for students wishing to transfer. In order for consideration of the transfer process to commence, the Transfer Application Form found below must be submitted to SHA along with transcripts from 7th grade through the current grade. Transfer students are evaluated for admission on the basis of their academic record and courses completed in their current school. Transfer students must be on grade level in all subject areas.

SHA accepts transfer applications for 9th, 10th and 11th grades. Transfer students for 9th and 10th grades are able to apply until the end of the first academic quarter, approximately November 1st. After the first quarter, transfer students must wait to apply until the next academic year. Transfer requests into 11th grade must be made prior to the start of the school year. SHA does not process any 11th grade transfer requests once the school year has commenced. 

We do not accept transfers into Senior year (Grade 12).

Once all paperwork is completed, the transfer process takes approximately 1-2 weeks. SHA will make every effort to expedite the process.

Transfer Student Checklist (transfer evaluation will not begin until these items are submitted to SHA):

  1. Transcripts from 7th – current grade
  2. Transfer Application
Admissions Office Contact Information
Mrs. Susan Ellis, Director of Admissions
[email protected]
(516) 483-7383 ext. 209