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Mental Health and Social Work Support

At Sacred Heart Academy, we understand that what's going on in a student's personal life could have an impact on her academics.  That is why we have a full-time licensed social worker, Beth Kennedy, on campus to assist our students and their parents in a confidential manner when additional support is needed with personal, social or emotional issues.
If you have any questions, concerns, or you would just like to connect, please reach out to Beth Kennedy at [email protected] or (516) 483-7383 ext. 228.
Dear Parents,
It is unthinkable to have to speak to our children about suicide, yet current professional guidelines suggest these conversations are preventative. Suicide is an uncomfortable subject to broach. I hope this article will help you bridge the divide to open up conversations with your daughters. The first step in prevention is knowing that difficult discussions are not taboo.
I am always available and welcome your call.
Beth Kennedy
How Was Your Day?
Communicating with teenagers can be challenging. Here are some thoughts, if put into your own words, that might be a way of opening dialogue. "How was your day" done differently!
News and Updates

Josh Ochs, of  Smart Social provides parents information and cautions regarding TRILLER, a new social media app gaining popularity among students.