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Appryse for Athletes

Appryse Enrollment Directions

Please enroll by going to:

Once you have completed your enrollment for your daughter or daughters, you can go back and sign into Appryse by visiting:

You may find the following information useful to you as you begin the enrollment process:
  • All students entering grades 9 or 11, and all transfer students and student-athletes are required by New York State to have a current physical in order to enter school in September. 
  • This process now replaces the medical clearance card for student-athletes.
  • You can enroll in Appryse by going to the following link:
  • If you have already had a physical, please mail or bring it to school and we will upload your current physical to your Appryse account for you. We will only be able to upload the physical if you have created an account. Sacred Heart Academy cannot create an account for families.
  • If you have not already had a physical, please download your unique blank doctor physical form from Appryse and have your doctor complete the form. Once completed by the doctor, the Appryse physical form can be uploaded to Appryse or faxed to the number on the form. DO NOT UPLOAD A NON-APPRYSE FORM. IT WILL NOT BE RECEIVED.
  • The blank doctor physical form can be downloaded once an enrollment is submitted by clicking on the "Download Blank Form" button. It will have your child's name pre-printed on it and a bar code. If you enroll more than one child, each child will have a "Download Blank Form" button that will have their name and bar code on it.
  • You can scan and upload a completed form by clicking on the "Upload Completed Form" button.
  • Parents will be required to use the Appryse Physical form after their current physical has expired.
  • Student-athletes will need to place themselves on their respective team tryout roster prior to the start of each season. Once the enrollment is accepted, you can do so by clicking on the "Tryouts / Activities" button.
  • For the winter and spring sports seasons, all student-athletes will need to update their accounts 30 days prior to the start of tryouts. It will be a quick review of their medical history to make sure the school has up- to-date information for the safety of your child. You will receive an email notification at that time. 

Please feel free to contact Appryse for additional help enrolling. You will find a "Contact Support" link in the Appryse application if you have any problems or questions.

Please contact Sacred Heart Academy with any additional questions regarding physicals.
School Nurse (516) 483-7383 ex. 246