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Mission Corner

Welcome to our Mission Corner!
S. Jean Amore, CSJ, Ed.D., Principal at Sacred Heart Academy, will share thoughts and updates on the Mission of the schools of the Sisters of St. Joseph and other important Church and world issues.  Visitors are invited to read, reflect and join us in prayer. 

A Christmas Heart

We hear it every year, yet we never tire of listening to the beautiful Christmas story.  In its retelling, we often hear Jesus referred to as the human expression of God’s expansive heart. In his miracles, parables and teachings, Jesus in so many ways shows us the radical compassion and generosity of God’s heart.  Jesus reveals that God’s heart is large enough for shepherds and kings, for saints and sinners, for you and me.  Nothing created by God is profane or unworthy of love for the world has been created by God and touched by God. God desires to be close to us.

As the year 2020 draws to an end, how is our heart?  A heart can break in two ways.  Suffering, disappointment and loss can make the heart brittle, break into shards that can shatter in us and even affect others. Or, the heart can be an expansive muscle, supple, one that breaks open, not apart; one that grows into greater capacity for more and deeper types of love: compassion, forgiveness, justice, generosity, hospitality, joy and friendship.  

The heart that can expand gives God room to roam in us and stretch us so we can make visible in our own imperfect, human way a speck of God’s expansive heart. As we reflect on the Christmas story this year, let us be open to Jesus’ life and message, and pray for a Christmas heart:

Loving God,
give us eyes that see the best in people;
a heart that forgives the worst;
words that repair rifts and divisions;
courage to reshape the heart of the world;
balance to express both the generosity of God’s love
and the demands of God’s love;
vision to “see things as they are, not as we are;”
and wisdom to change what is not wise in our lives.
We pray this in the name of Jesus. Amen.

  We wish you a safe and blessed Christmas and New Year ~ 
and an expansive Christmas heart.

The Administration of Sacred Heart Academy Community

Source: On the Brink of Everything by Parker Palmer