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Mission Corner

Welcome to our Mission Corner!
S. Jean Amore, CSJ, Ed.D., Principal at Sacred Heart Academy, will share thoughts and updates on the Mission of the schools of the Sisters of St. Joseph and other important Church and world issues.  Visitors are invited to read, reflect and join us in prayer. 

One of the favorite Maxims (teachings) given to the first Sisters of St Joseph by their founder is: Become all God created you to become through your unique nature and by Divine Grace.  This is, as we know, a  lifelong process that evolves and shifts with the changes in our personal lives and with the circumstances of the times in which we live.  Always, however, the work of God is ours: dignity, respect, and fullness of life for ourselves, for all others without distinction, and for Earth, our common home.


When we faithfully tend to our inner growth and to God’s promptings in us, we deepen who we are, our relationships, and our meaning and purpose in life.  Surprisingly, as we grow in wisdom, grace, and age, the situations in which we find ourselves, our Church, and our world do not become clearer; rather too often, they become too complex for human reason and laws.   As Jesus taught us, there are times we have to move beyond rational concepts of human fairness and justice and stretch ourselves to put on the mind and heart of God so we can see what the rest of the world cannot or will not see. We reshape the heart of the world we inhabit when we balance and express both the generosity of God’s love and the demands of God’s love.


And so, we pray:

Loving God, give us 

eyes that see the best in people;

words that repair and reconnect rifts and divisions;

courage  to reshape the heart of the world; and

wisdom to “see things the way they are, not the way we are.”

We ask this in Jesus’ name who taught us the truth and the way.  Amen.