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Mission Corner

Welcome to our Mission Corner!
S. Jean Amore, CSJ, Ed.D., Principal and Vice President for Mission and Academics at Sacred Heart Academy, will share thoughts and updates on the Mission of the schools of the Sisters of St. Joseph and other important Church and world issues.  Visitors are invited to read, reflect and join us in prayer. 

Thanksgiving ~ The Gift of Remembering


Thanksgiving is a time to remember our blessings.  Perhaps among the many blessings of Thanksgiving is the gift of memory, the gift that enables us to remember and to be grateful.  For faith-based people, recalling our blessings is to connect with our God and how our God has touched our lives in so many ways:  sometimes through prayer and reflection and sometimes through the people and events in our lives.  These memories stir in us warmth, encouragement, love and hope.  In remembering our past, our hearts are filled with gratitude.  With time and hindsight, even sad and unhappy memories become opportunities for new blessings.


Thanksgiving is a time to remember not only blessings received, but also blessings given.  Each of us can offer blessings.  To bless is consciously to send another the touch of God.  To bless is to give something of ourselves to others to help make their life better or to unite with them in their joys or their sufferings.  A blessing reflects both the sacredness in the giver and the sacredness in the receiver.


This Thanksgiving let us thank God both for blessings received and also the blessings we have been and are to others.


Thanksgiving Prayer

Loving, God, Thanksgiving is a time when we remember how you have blessed and cared for us in the past and a time when we trust that you will care for us and all we love in the days to come.


Let us count our joys instead of our sorrows.

Let us count successes instead of mistakes.

Let us count the joys of being together.

Let us give thanks for this dinner prepared by loving hands.

Let us give thanks for all those who are a cherished part of our lives,

those here and those we wish were here.

Let our appreciation for our country, for all God’s creation, and for

planet Earth move us to pray for Earth and participate in its healing.


Finally, let us be mindful this Thanksgiving of those without a homeland or a home or without a feeling of being at home.  In this way we image our God who embraces everyone, without favoritism or exclusion, and calls us to do the same. Amen.


A Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving to All

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