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Honor Roll & Societies

The Honor Roll is published at the end of each academic year. It is based on the average computed for all major courses in which the student is enrolled. Ordinarily, in each of the first three years these are Theology, English, a second language, Social Studies, Math, Science and Fine Arts. Seniors must carry Theology, English, Social Studies and at least 4 major electives.

Students who are absent in excess of 12 days per year are ineligible for Honor Rolls. If this number is exceeded, the student may be not only in danger of failing a course but also in danger of not being inducted into the National Honor Society and/or losing National Honor Society status, Honor Classes for the following year, and participation in activities, clubs, teams and school events.

Principal's List
  • Average: l00 - 95%
    No final grade in a major subject below 90%
First Honors
  • Average: 94 - 90%
    No final grade in a major subject below 85%
Second Honors
  • Average: 89 - 85%
    No final grade in a major subject below 75%
Honor Courses

As an incentive for accomplishing more challenging assignments, the grade for an honors course will be obtained by multiplying the final mark by 1.1. Any student in an honors class whose overall average for the school year is a failing grade will not receive a 1.1 in June for that course. Students are selected for Honor classes starting in the Freshman year.

Honor Societies

Students are admitted to honor societies for each discipline according to the individual society's requirements.

National Honor Society

Membership is awarded on the basis of national norms. First Trimester grades of Seniors and Juniors applying have no bearing on acceptance. The requirements for continuation of membership in the National Honor Society are as follows:
  1. Member must maintain an unweighted average of 90
  2. Member must be involved in a service program
  3. Member must adhere to all school regulations
  4. Member must embody the values as stated by the National Honor Society
  5. Member must adhere to Sacred Heart Academy's attendance policy as stated above or in the Student Handbook
If any of the above criteria are not met, the member's membership is in jeopardy.


At the time of graduation, the honor of Valedictorian and Salutatorian will be awarded to a student who has been enrolled at Sacred Heart Academy for four full years.

Academic Excellence Medals, which are awarded by each department, may be earned by students who have been enrolled at Sacred Heart Academy for four full years.

Any student who meets the academic requirements for any other graduation medal or honor will be eligible for those honors regardless of the number of years that she is enrolled at Sacred Heart.