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Uniforms and Transportation

Sacred Heart Academy has a code of dress. Appearance and dignity are vitally important to the development of any young woman and it is expected that all uniforms be kept in good condition. Students are to wear only the uniform made for their respective classes. 
Uniforms are sold through Flynn and O'Hara Uniform Company.
Gym attire will consist of school gym uniform, socks, and sneakers. 
Please feel free to call Mrs. Sullivan, Assistant Principal, at (516) 483-7383 ext. 231 with any questions.
To answer the many questions that arise each year concerning transportation, here are some important points:

The Education Law of New York State requires all non-city public school districts to provide transportation to students in grades K-12. Some of the important specifics of that law are:

1. Students in grades 9-12 must live more than three (3) miles and less than fifteen (15) miles from the school they will attend.

2. IMPORTANT: The deadline for parents to submit requests for transportation to the Public School district is APRIL 1st. Districts may deny (and, in fact, have denied) requests for transportation that arrive in the school district offices after April 1. This request must be in writing. Many districts have their own special form for this purpose. We strongly urge you to obtain the proper form from your local school district Office of Transportation. Fill out the form and return the form to your district immediately.

3. Late Bus - School districts are not required by law to provide late bus transportation. However, many districts do provide late bus transportation.

In all cases, it is the student and parent’s responsibility to return the completed application to their respective school district.

Queens Residents
Students who reside in Queens receive a free metro card from Sacred Heart Academy for travel in Queens only. They should make their own arrangements for travel in Nassau County.

Rockaway Area Residents
Sacred Heart Academy has partnered with Parents’ Choice Bus Company to provide direct transportation from the Rockaway area to Sacred Heart Academy. Parents’ Choice is a privately owned and operated bus company trusted by Catholic schools to safely transport students from multiple stops. The fee for roundtrip transportation service is available at the subsidized rate of $2,500 per student, per year. This includes a dismissal bus and a late bus. For more information, please contact John Martin at Parents’ Choice at 718.344.7274 or [email protected] 

SHA Shuttle Transportation
Shuttle service to/from the Mineola Train Station is available to all students. The Shuttle makes two trips to the Mineola Train Station every morning, and three departures from SHA in the afternoon at 3:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m., and 5:00 p.m. For afternoon SHA Shuttle service, students must sign up in the main office.

Sacred Heart Academy Transportation Coordinator:
Patricia Conte: 516.483.7383 x221, [email protected]