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Science Research Center

A focus on careers in science and math helps prepare students to apply their scientific knowledge to real-world challenges.  the Science Research Center at Sacred Heart Academy is a state-of-the-art facility, designed specifically for student-developed research projects.  Equipped with 3D printers, laptops, a touch-screen smart board, and the latest equipment for biotechnology research including mini-PCR machines, gel electrophoresis equipment and centrifuges, the lab provides opportunities for research in fields such as environmental science, chemistry, microbiology, computer science and robotics. 
Research is a four-year program beginning with Introduction to Research 9 and including the AP Capstone Program. The Research Program is a unique opportunity for students to experience the rigor and rewards of authentic research while still in high school. This sequence of courses is directed to those students who have a keen interest in the physical, natural, and social sciences and would like to pursue excellence into areas of original research. Students begin the program in the ninth grade with the Intro to Research 9 course. Ultimately, these students will not only be earning a SHA Diploma but also have the opportunity of earning an AP Capstone Diploma, issued by the College Board and valued highly by colleges and universities around the world.  
Many students in the program showcase their research in publications and participate in internships with the nation's top research facilities and universities.