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College Placement & Guidance


At Sacred Heart Academy members of the Guidance Department (Counselors and Social Worker) are dedicated to promoting each student’s academic, social and emotional development, while assisting her with post-secondary planning. Our goal is to develop a collaborative relationship with our students, faculty and parents by helping each student develop her skills of advocacy, independence and critical thinking necessary when making healthy decisions and positive life choices. A student’s overall academic progress is overseen by a fully certified Guidance Counselor who works full time with her student as she moves through her years of high school. She is supported with personal, family and social situations. In addition, our Counselors work closely with our students in preparing them to understand the college process and choose the college or university that will best serve their needs and career goals. In addition, a full- time licensed Social Worker is available to assist our students and their parents in a confidential manner when additional support is needed with personal, social or emotional issues.


Our Counselors meet their students individually and in small groups and at Level Meetings throughout the year where various topics are discussed, i.e. Transitioning to High School, Career Planning, Standardized Testing, Academic Requirements and College Planning. We also work cooperatively with our Deans organizing Level Meetings and other school events.


Within our building is a state of the art College and Career Center fully equipped with lap tops and a wall mounted TV capable of streaming for educational purposes. Our Counselors utilize the College and Career Center to assist students as they explore their career and college choices, navigate through the Naviance program, complete the Common Application and support them with other programs necessary for the 21st century student seeking a post-secondary education.


Our Director of College and Career Counseling and Academic Services works closely with our students and their parents throughout the students’ four years of high school to discuss professional interests, scholarships and college options. The Director acts as the liaison with Adelphi University, St. John’s University, Molloy College and St. Joseph College for all college credited courses taught by our faculty on our campus. The Director attends meetings regarding new developments in testing and counseling and also works closely with college and university representatives both on their campuses and when they are on our campus.


The Director of Guidance also administers all of the standardized testing throughout the year, including the CHSEE to the eighth graders. Furthermore, the Director meets with the Administration and the Chairpersons to discuss the results of all the exams, to set goals for specific departments after careful analysis is completed. Conferences are scheduled with parents and students throughout the year to meet with the Director to discuss “Plans of Action” to assist students to reach their full potential in their academic classes at Sacred Heart and to achieve success on their standardized exams. These meetings we often hold with the guidance counselors, faculty members and at times, with the Administrators so that a comprehensive course of study can be put into place to maximize the student’s abilities and to set realistic goals.


The Guidance Chairperson oversees all of the guidance counselors in the department and all the day to day responsibilities that this position entails. In addition, the Chairperson is also the guidance counselor for all the students who have Special Accommodations and have been accepted by the Administration of Sacred Heart.  These students require limited accommodations and their skills and abilities enable them to master all the requirements needed to earn a Sacred Heart Academy Diploma. The chairperson attends all the CSE meetings held in the district and is also the liaison for the district in which the students reside. Additional accountability includes registering the students with the College Board and ACT, administering all standardized tests to reflect the specific accommodations required for each individual student, meeting with them on a regular basis, organizing conferences with the faculty and parents, processing their college applications and  completing state and local scholarships, writing their letters of recommendation, proctoring their Mid-term and Final Exams and Regents Tests.



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For general inquiries, please contact:


Director of College and Career Counseling and Academic Services

Mrs. Kathleen O'Neill
516.483.7383 ext. 421 
Guidance fax: 516.586.8460

Guidance Chairperson and Director of Special Services
Sister Eileen Brennan, CSJ
516.483.7383 ext. 431
Assistant to the Director of Special Services
Sister Pat Lynch, CSJ
516.483.7383 ext. 434
Special Services Counselor
Mrs. Mary Christy
Administrative Assistants
Mrs. Christine Strong
516.483.7383 ext. 429
Ms. Mikaela Kelly
516.483.7383 ext. 422

Mrs. Erin Gregorio 
516.483.7383 ext. 423 

Mrs. Elizabeth Pfeifer-Servedio
516.483.7383 ext. 425

Mrs. Connie Rotondi
516.483.7383 ext. 426

Mrs. Therese Henderson
516.483.7383 ext. 424
Social Worker
Mrs. Beth Kennedy, LCSW, CASAC
516.483.7383 ext. 228