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Yearly Presentations

  • Cyberbullying – Freshmen and Sophomores
    • True to the mission of the Sisters of St. Joseph Schools, SHA seeks to promote an environment of inclusive love. We take bullying of any kind very seriously. Past speakers include Sharon Galvin, a retired police officer with over 30 years on the force, and Anne Galligan Donnelly of the Nassau County DA's Office. (This presentation is also given for the parents through the Mothers Guild.)
  • Suicide Prevention – Sophomores
    • In conjunction with the Health Department, suicide awareness and prevention is presented to the Sophomores every fall.

  • Responsible Driving – Juniors
    • Prior to their Junior Dinner Dance, the students are reminded of steps that will prevent drunken driving. The Program, “Choices and Consequences” is provided by the Nassau County District Attorney’s office.

  • College Campus Safety – Seniors
    • College offers students new opportunities to socialize and date. This presentation focuses on healthy relationships, strategies for campus safety and identifies campus resources. This year, students will participate in an interactive presentation addressing these and other topics promoting a safe transition to college life.

  • Stress Management – Freshman, Seniors (and as requested to other grades)
    • The Social Worker works closely with the Theology Department to provide stress management annually to the Freshman and Seniors and to other classes as needed or requested.

  • Drug and Alcohol Awareness – Sophomores
    • The health teacher and the Social Worker provide extensive education on current trends and the dangers of alcohol and drug use. Using a related topic, the students then work together in small groups to choreograph, video record and present a public service video promoting healthy choices. In the past, the videos have been entered into both a Nassau County contest and an internal SHA contest.

  • Mental Health Issues
    • The psychology and health teachers coordinate with the Social Worker to bring awareness to such health issues as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, etc.