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National French Contest Winners

The National French Contest/Le Grand Concours is an annual competition sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French.
Sophomore Kathleen Cenophat was awarded a Level 2 Gold Medal in Spanish, in addition to a Bronze Medal in French at Level 5C, the most advanced level of the contest.
 Kathleen Cenophat
Pictured above from left to right Mrs. Grady, Kathleen Cenophat, and Mrs. Sitterly
Sophomore Isabella Fernandim received the Platinum Medal, a first prize award given to the student who earned the highest score nationally.
Isabella Fernandim
Pictured above from left to right Principal Mrs. Hecht, Isabella Fernandim, and Mrs. Grady
French Level 1
Joelle Ghiradella (Honorable Mention)
Nicole Kontopoulos (Honorable Mention)
Sophia Lyons (Honorable Mention)
Anabel Penalo - Lauréat National (Bronze Medal)
French Level 2
Madelyn Boorman - Lauréat National (Silver Medal)
Aurélie Clément (Honorable Mention)
Avril Désir - Lauréat National (Bronze Medal)
Isabella Fernandim - Lauréat National (Platinum Medal) 
Lauren Graham (Honorable Mention) 
Lila Gunnells (Honorable Mention)
Madison Labossière (Honorable Mention) 
Gabriella Lascano - Lauréat National (Silver Medal)
Keira Martel (Honorable Mention)
Anne McFeely (Honorable Mention)
Olivia Morizio (Honorable Mention)
French Level 3
Eva Gargiulo (Honorable Mention)
Nadege Lawrence (Honorable Mention)
French Level 5C 
Kathleen Cenophat - Lauréat National (Bronze Medal)
World Languages
Mrs. Andrea Grady
World Languages