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Ten Sacred Heart Academy Scholars Submit 2024 Regeneron Applications

Incredibly proud of Sacred Heart Academy Scholars!!!!
Jacqueline BodycombCarbon Stability with Various Cations in Graphene-Based Secondary Cell Batteries 
Kaitlyn Cole - Sports and Stress: The Effects of Playing High School Varsity Sports on Student Athletes Resilience and Stress Levels
Susanna Denny - Causes of Environmental Anxiety in High School Students
Ava Guglielmo - Linking Moms’ Income Gap, Household Responsibilities, Emotional Health & Relationship Satisfaction
Kate Lauria - Educators' Attitudes towards Student Part-Time Employment
Evalina Lentini - Evaluation of therapeutics to target ​stem cell-like prostate cancer
Katherine Lynch - Mindset over Matter: Can Self-Reported Implicit Theories of Intelligence Regulate the Desire for Academic Rigor, Academic Achievement, and Motivation?
Lillian Musso - Can trait optimism predict individual competitiveness in adolescent and university samples of STEM students?
Kayla Palumbo - Can Modern Blue Light-Blocking Technology Effectively Shield Drosophila Melanogaster from Harm?
Daniela Zunich - Barriers to Pediatric Clinical Trials Enrollment: A Review of Publicly Available Databases