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SHA students volunteered at the Adelphi University Robotics Competition

SHA students Isabelle Duprey '24, Hilary Rojas '23, and Isabella Siu '23 volunteered to assist in running the Robotics Competition at Adelphi University . 

Hilary Rojas '23 and Isabella Siu '23 were Tournament managers of the event, going around collecting and organizing data from the matches and compiling the information before the results of each event were displayed overhead. 
Isabelle Duprey '24 assisted as an Emcee calling the teams that were competing to prepare for their matches at the queuing table, and then to their respective challenge fields. All three students participated in inspecting each Robot prior to competition to ensure they were abiding by the rulesets.
Hilary Rojas and Isabella Siu took the helm of organizing Sacred Heart's involvement in this robotics competition and were able to bring back valuable experience to the SHA Robotics Club, as the club looks forward to participating as competitors next year.