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Students to join academic and medical labs this summer

Gabrielle Augustin '23 has been invited to study with Hofstra professor Oskar Pineno, a leader in the application of computer science to human psychology. Dr. Pineno's current research integrates NeuroSky MindWave EEG with iOS devices and the Arduino micro-controller.


Abigail Germano '23 will join the lab of Dr. Nadia Biachoo, the Ocoa Research Director performing clinical research at Northwell. Dr. Biachoo works to determine the effect of a novel bioactive sleeve on postoperative edema and PROMs after TKA using a randomized placebo controlled study. 



Julia Revill '23 has been invited to study with Dr. Russell Burke, a leading Hofstra Ecology professor. Using coyote scat to analyze their range and diet, Julia will closely examine the growth, behavior and health of urban and suburban micro-populations recently migrated to different parts ofQueens, Nassau and Suffolk counties. Do these Western canines adapt differently in urban, suburban and semi-rural areas that have never befoire supported coyotes? This is a rare chance to study an apex predator in our own backyard.


Olivia Shuff '23 will spend July in Knoxville, interning in the lab of Dr. Tami Wyatt, Professor of Nursing & Associate Dean of Research at the University of Tennessee. Dr. Wyatt's primary research involves immunizations in children 0-24 months. She also plans to show Olivia how to conduct research scoping reviews.


Evalina Lentini '24 will join the HOPP Summer Student Program at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, mentored by Yu Chen, M.D., Ph.D. The primary focus of Dr. Chen's laboratory is to develop an understanding of how critical transcription factors mediate prostate cancer oncogenesis.  


Jaqueline Quinn '24 will study with Dr. Maria Lazebnik at the Boston Leadership Institute, Longwood Medical Facility. Dr. Lazebnik utilizes analytical instrumentation and digital teaching technologies such as data-mining resources.