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Asian Culture Club Raises Money for UNICEF Relief Efforts in the Philippines

Sacred Heart Academy's Asian Culture Club raised a total of 27,500 Philippine pesos ($550 U.S.) for UNICEF typhoon relief efforts in the Philippines.
In late October and November 2020, The Philippines was hit by three strong typhoons (Typhoons Goni, Molave, and Vamco) within the span of less than two weeks. Typhoon Goni was recorded as the strongest land-falling cyclone in world history. Millions of Filipinos lost loved ones and homes and saw their villages devastated. The Philippines' economy is suffering from typhoon damage, as well as pandemic hardship.
Upon learning about these struggles her home country was facing, SHA's Asian Culture Club's president Gabrielle Bautista '21 knew she had to do something.
"When I heard about the tragic events in my homeland and saw the devastation that millions of Filipinos were facing, I was compelled to do something to help the relief," Gabrielle said.
In February, the Asian Culture Club held a fundraiser for UNICEF aiding typhoon victims in the Philippines.  Members of the Asian Culture Club executive board designed and illustrated Asian-themed stickers that accompanied donations. The fundraiser gained an overwhelming amount of support from students, teachers, and their families who were eager to support the cause.
"We were able to raise over $550 (27,500 Philippine pesos), which will go toward providing children and families with water kits and hygiene essentials, learning materials, tents, and child-friendly space kits," Gabrielle said.
Click here for more information about the fundraiser.