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Twelve Sacred Heart Students to Compete in Long Island Science Congress

The following Sacred Heart Academy students will be competing in the Long Island Science Congress at St. Anthony's High School on April 2nd.

1) Kyra Browne '22 - Effects of crumb rubber contamination on terrestrial ecosystems by heavy metal leaching

2) Leilah Clark '21 - Parental occupation as an influence on adolescent females' STEM-gender job aspirations

3) Erin Cooper '21 & Angelina Kramer '21 - Think before you drink: Developing a (cost-)effective, eco-friendly date-rape drug-detecting straw

4) Sophia Fitzpatrick '21 - When guilt is good: Can featuring endangered animals in PSA’s improve climate change awareness & activism?

5) Mary Menger '21 - Evaluating the Effects of Plastic Waste on Daphnia Magna

6) Lindsay Moran '21 - Poor Letter-Shape Knowledge Among Skilled Adolescent Readers Despite Significant Visual Exposure

7) Carmela Musso '21 - The Effect of Spirituality and Technology Usage on the Resilience of Secondary and Undergraduate Students Attending Faith-Based Institutions

8) Genevieve Satzinger '21 - The Impact of Sleep Quality and Quantity on Performance among Aesthetic Athletes

9) Caroline Davis '21, Anne McManus & Keira Rodkin - How Climate Change Impacts the Reproduction & Respiration Rates of Cassiopea