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Senior Kate Lauria's article has been accepted for publication in "The Curieux Academic Journal,"

Senior Kate Lauria's article has been accepted for publication in "The Curieux Academic Journal," a California-based, student-run journal "founded in 2017 to publish exceptional research by high school students."
Sacred Heart Academy senior Kate Laura has just learned that her senior thesis, "Educators' attitudes towards student part-time employment" has been accepted for publication by The Curieux Academic Journal (CAJ), a California-based, peer-reviewed, student-run, nonprofit academic journal.  Kate was mentored by Sacred Heart Academy Research Director, Dr. Stephen Sullivan.
The brief abstract of her article reads as follows:  "This study sought links between student part-time employment and success, as well as educator perceptions of employment and the effects of these attitudes on student employment rates. A two-phase study was conducted. Phase one closely examined student perceptions of employment; phase two investigated educators’ perceptions. Despite well-established benefits enjoyed by employed students, both students and educators expressed significant doubts regarding the positive effects of part-time employment. This disconnect between scholarly findings and both student and educator understandings creates a need for in-depth research on student and teacher perceptions of the role of part-time employment among teens.This also calls into question the outsized influence teachers wield over student involvement in after school jobs. . Ultimately, sixty-six students and forty-two educators responded to their respective surveys. Student survey responses indicated that they learn valuable life skills from their employment experience, such as time management, financial responsibility, and confidence. Educator survey responses indicated that educators share a generally positive view of employment. Despite these positive beliefs, however, many teenage students indicate a general lack of support from their teachers regarding their jobs. Moreover, many reported little opportunity for job exploration. Because many educators in our sample demonstrated an understanding of the benefits of employment, perhaps there should be greater discussion and promotion of employment opportunities in the classroom."
Ms. Lauria's publication is Sacred Heart Academy's second such accomplishment this year, and seventeenth since 2020. Way to go, Kate!