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Eleven Student Research Proposals Accepted for Presentation at APS Convention

Nine of the young psychologists are seniors; two are only juniors. The girls will present their original research alongside undergraduates and graduate students at one of psychology’s most prestigious international annual gatherings. All proposals are "read blindly,” meaning the judges did not know they were reading the work of high school students. This swells the number of Sacred Heart APS invitations since 2019 to forty-nine!
Congratulations to all our young behavioral scientists! 
APS Convention
2023 APS Convention Presenters
Gabrielle Augustin ’23: "Barriers to Opportunities: The Effects of Non-Representation on the Education of Minority Students"
Cara Carbone ’23: "The Presence of Stigma on Learning Disabilities in Female-Adolescents in a Single-Sex Environment"

Maddie Graham ’23: "Exploring Educators' and Students' Definitions of Happiness in Pre- and Post-Pandemic America"

Ava Guglielmo ‘24: "Is Money the Root of All Evil?: Can Income Gap Predict Maternal Household Responsibilities, Emotional Well-Being, and Partner Relationship Satisfaction?"

Isabel Louie ’23: "The Influence of Food Allergies on Health-Related Quality of Life"

Katherine Lynch ‘24: "Mind(set) over Matter: Can Self-Reported Implicit Theories of Intelligence Regulate Adolescent Females’ Desire for Academic Rigor, Academic Achievement, and Motivation?"

Lauren McCarthy ’23: "Menstrual Cycle Stigma among Adolescent Girls in Same-Sex vs. Co-Ed Institutions"

Catalina Ramirez ’23: "The Worst-Motive Fallacy: A Study of Motive Attribution and Gender-Based Disposition in a Single-Sex School"

Julia Revill ’23: "Virginia Slims Redux: Revisiting the Construct of Subjective Value Placed on Feminine-advertised Products"

Kayla  Romano ’23: "To What Extent Does 'Fat-talk” among Friends Undermine Adolescent Body Image and Overall Well-being?"

Olivia Shuff ’23: "Every Breath You Take: A Study Linking the Relative Efficacies of the Asthma Control Test and the Child Asthma Severity Tool with the Pulmonary Function Test"