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Sophomore Retreat

The Sophomores began their day with Mass and then ventured out to the CSJ Convent in Brentwood.  


The day's focus was on trust and unity and included a history of the Mission of the Sisters of St. Joseph, a look at the rain garden and farm, team building activities such as building a balloon tower in teams and recognizing how we are all part of God's Kingdom and emphasized how all our gifts and talents help to build the Kingdom.  The day concluded with a guided meditation in the beautiful chapel.

Below are some takeaways:
"how important trust is and how important teamwork is"
# retreated # renewed # peaceful
"I can trust God to keep me safe and trust God to have me succeed. I really learned how to be able to trust God and that I should trust God to be successful throughout life."
"That God is there for us and supplies us like the tape did to the balloons.  God needs us to trust us so that God can lead us even when we feel unaware or blind like the trust tag activity."
I felt God's presence when....
"I felt God’s presence through prayer in the chapel. The chapel at the Sisters of Saint Joseph is beautiful and I would love to go back and pray there. I felt faithfully connected and I would love to share that experience with others too."
"Some ways I felt God’s presence today were when I walked into the chapel and looked at the altar in awe. I also felt God's presence during mass when I received communion."
"I felt God’s presence in nature today, including the animals, wind, and scenery."
"When we were in the chapel listening to the parable."
"While I was in the chapel and when I was sitting in the rain garden."