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College Credit Courses

Sacred Heart Academy is connected through a dual enrollment program to the St. John’s University Extension Program and to the Long Island High School Program of Adelphi University, the High School Program at Molloy College and the High School Program at St. Joseph’s College. This enables the academy to offer optional college credit for an extra fee at the same time a student is earning high school credit for her SHA diploma. Transfer of the credit may be sought at other colleges according to the procedures of the admitting college/university.  Courses are offered in English, French, Biology, Mathematics, Music, Social Studies and Art.
St. John’s University

Registration Requirements:
Additional Instructions
  • Registration will take place in the Fall and again in the Spring
  • A student will need to register in the Fall in order to register in the Spring
Adelphi University

Registration Requirements:
Molloy College

Registration Requirements:
  • Students work directly with the college online for registration. Separate instructions are provided to students by Molloy.
  • One-time registration for both Fall and Spring courses occurs from December through January.
St. Joseph’s College

Registration Requirements:
  • Registration is for SENIORS only.
  • Pick up registration forms in GUIDANCE in September.
  • Registration takes place through Sacred Heart Academy ONLY in September
College Courses Offered at Sacred Heart

* Please note for all Fall and Spring Courses, a student must register in the Fall in order to register in the Spring, EXCEPT for Molloy College Courses. Fall and Spring courses are registered together, at the same time – during their registration period in the months of December – January

ST. JOHN’S UNIVERSITY    (Seniors ONLY)                 

AP Biology

BIO 1210/Lab 1211

BIO 1220/1221L

4 credits Fall

4 credits Spring

Gender Studies/American Lit.

Lit. in a Global Context – ENG 1100C/ENG 2060

3 credits Fall

3 credits Spring

Shakespeare/British Lit.

Lit. in a Global Context – ENG 110C/ENG 2210

3 credits Fall

3 credits Spring

History of Musical Theatre

MUS 1010

MUS 1060

3 credits Fall

3 credits Spring

MOLLOY COLLEGE* All registration takes place online (December – January) for ALL courses

Pre-Calculus (click here)

MAT 118

3 credits Spring

Calculus (click here)****

MAT 221

4 credits Spring

Music Theory 10H & Advanced Music Theory 11H **

MUS 101, MUS 102

MUS 204, MUS 206

8 credits total Fall & Spring

(For 10th & 11th grades)

** In order to qualify for the college credit in 11th grade, a student must have registered for ALL the college credits in 10th grade.

AP US History

HIS 111 & 112

6 credits Fall & Spring


AP Biology

BIO 127

BIO 128

4 credits Fall

4 credits Spring

Spanish 4H

SPA 122

SPA 251

3 credits Fall

3 credits Spring

French 4H

FRE 121

FRE 122

3 credits Fall

3 credits Spring


Graphic Design II

Computer Graphic Design

3 credits Fall

*** After a student graduates from Sacred Heart Academy or advances to the next grade level, a student may not register for any course at any of these colleges that she has previously taken and has completed.

**** A student did not have to register for Pre-Calculus with Molloy in 11th grade in order for her to be eligible to register as a senior, for Calculus. They are separate entities at Molloy.