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Medical Forms/Appryse Information

Sacred Heart Academy uses the web-based system, Appryse, to track medical history and medical forms for students.  All parents/guardians must upload medical forms and other required medical information into Appryse.  Information can be updated throughout the year as it changes. 


All students need to be enrolled in Appryse by August 1, 2022.   


After you are enrolled, all medical forms need to be submitted to Appryse.  


Please see the links below for specific information for your daughters class. 

  • Classes 2023-2025 Instructions click here
  • Class of 2026 Instructions click here
  • Information for Student-Athletes can be found here.  
Immunization Information
All students are required to provide immunization records in Appryse.
Please click the PDF below for information about immunizations specific to your daughters class. 
Below, please find the Self-Medication Release Form and the Parents' and Prescribers' Authorization for Administration of Medication in School.  These forms are required as needed. These forms should be uploaded to Appryse.