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Student Life » Driver's Education

Driver's Education

Sacred Heart Academy offers Driver Education classes in the fall, spring and summer seasons.

Program Highlights (For semester specific information, scroll down)
  • Accredited and registered by the NYS Education Department and Department of Motor Vehicle.
  • All instructors possess MV-283s and are accredited NYS Teachers licensed to teach High School Driver Education.
  • All cars used by Sacred Heart Academy are 2017 VW Passats, dual-braked, air conditioned, and fully insured.
  • For more specific information please review our Informational Flyer (link below).
Students will:
  • Learn safe, effective, and efficient operations of a car.
  • Develop proper skills, habits, and attitudes for defensive driving.
  • Acquire an understanding NYS traffic law and rules of the road.
  • Successfully obtain an MV-285 from Sacred Heart Academy (Some insurance companies will offer a discount if a student has obtained the MV-285).


Tuition is $700.00, and must be paid in full at the time of registration.  Full tuition must be paid via credit card. $75 is non-refundable should you ask for a refund. Students will be enrolled on a first-come, first-served basis. Any student that applies into a full section will be wait listed with no guaranteed spot in our program.  See below for semester specific information. 

Enrollment Information- It is recommended that students have at least 15 hours of driving practice.  All registrations must be completed with the registration form below. 
Please check below for semester specific information. 
Fall 2019 - Registration is Full/closed
Please Email with any questions, concerns, or to be added to the waiting list. 
Informational Flyer *Note - Students can now take both lecture and driving on the same day.
Course Syllabus
Fall 2019 Calendar - Please make sure to review weekly **Updated 9/12/19**
Weekday Rosters - Please use as confirmation of enrollment - All sections are full. 
Saturday Rosters - Please use as confirmation of enrollment- All sections are full
Spring 2020 - Updates will be posted by 10/5/19

Summer Information -  All inquiries email:
Please remember students should have a permit # and at least 10-15 hours of driving practice before registering.  Please note: All spots are full and we are no longer accepting new applications.  Please check the rosters below to confirm your enrollment.  If you have any concerns, please email
Schedule: Students may makeup 1 lecture and 1 driving.  If a student misses a 3rd class (lecture or driving) they will not meet NYS minimum requirements for Driver Education.  Students will take classes for 16 consecutive weekdays Monday - Friday. 

Driver's Prayer

Sacred Heart of Jesus, grant me
a steady hand and watchful eye,
that none be hurt as I pass by.
Thou givest life. I pray no act of mine
take away or mar that gift Divine.
Protect those, Lord, who travel with me
from highway dangers and all anxiety.
Teach me to use my car for others' needs
and never miss the beauty of Thy
world through excessive speed.
I pledge to drive with loving concern
to my every destination,
offering each travel hour to Thee
in a spirit of reparation.
Most Sacred Heart of Jesus,
my auto Companion,
have mercy on me.