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Fearless Fridays

Introducing Fearless Fridays at Sacred Heart Academy. Each Friday, a student, faculty member, or staff member will share what being fearless means to them. This campaign is in honor of the newest addition to Sacred Heart Academy, the Fearless Girl.

Jackie Rafferty"Fearless to me means going after what’s in front of you no matter how scary it may seem. Fearless to me means having faith that the cards you’ve been dealt are for a reason and God will show you the light. Fearless to me means facing the fear with faith and trust in God." -Jackie Rafferty '15

Jackie (pictured below on the right) graduated from Sacred Heart Academy in 2015 and went to the University of Delaware, graduating in June 2019 with a Bachelors Degree of Science in apparel design and a Bachelors Degree of Science in fashion merchandising.

Jackie was diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa on March 1, 2019. She did outpatient treatment in order to graduate and then went to Monte Nido in Glen Cove for treatment from June to the end of July. Jackie is now in outpatient treatment and looking for a job in the fashion industry in NYC.

Read the full Newsday article about Jackie's journey and the Monte Nido house in Glen Cove here:

Lucia Bauman"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go." -T.S. Eliot
Artwork by Lucia Bauman '19
Kaelan"Being fearless is overcoming life’s challenges with confidence and perseverance." -Kaelan Bradley '21
Nia Jones"Being fearless to me is waking up with a positive attitude, ready to take on life’s most difficult obstacles." -Nia Jones '19
Maddie McCabe
"Being fearless to me is not caring what other people think." -Maddie McCabe '23
Ava Niggemeier
"Being Fearless to me means trying new things." -Ava Niggemeier '23
Kate Mooney
"Being fearless to me means being courageous and thinking outside the box." -Kate Mooney '23
Molly Stines
"To me, being fearless means being yourself no matter what." -Molly Stines '23
Naomi Berry
"Being fearless to me means trying new things with confidence." -Naomi Berry '23
Marlena Russo
"Being fearless is standing up for what I believe in." -Marlena Russo '23
Samantha Agoursalidis
"Being fearless means putting yourself out there to others." -Samantha Agoursalidis '23