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A Reflection and Prayer for the Summer

When the Sisters of St. Joseph were founded in 1650 in LePuy, France, their spiritual guide, Father John Pierre Medaille, SJ wrote for them one hundred Maxims of Perfection that continue to influence the style of the Sisters today. While the maxims do not make the Sisters perfect, they offer an interior disposition for living and witnessing the Gospel and the mission of the Congregation: to be human expressions of God's inclusive love, unity, reconciliation, justice and peace.
The mission and spirituality of the Sisters of St. Joseph are designed for all God-seeking people, not just sisters. They provide soft edges for relationships and suggest how to carry God's mind and heart into families, work places and the world.
Summer days invite us to slow down and be open to moments of grace, new vision and hope. May reflecting on a sample of the Maxims of Perfection help you to be a sign of God's gracious love made visible to your own unique and gifted way. Have a blessed summer!

Maxims of Perfection
Treat everyone with the same care as if you are meeting God.
Interpret all things from the best possible point of view.
Do the best you can and then let it go.
God sees, knows and loves you intimately; live and act from that alone.
Avoid anything that interferes with becoming the one God dreamed you to be.
Be at peace with your path. Embrace change when the Spirit prompts.
When you are with others, blend your serious side with joy, gentleness and refreshing candor.
Bring great love to whatever life presents to you today, great and small things alike.
Desire to embrace the whole world with the fire of God's great love.
In face of opposition, let go of fear.
Let go of judging. Let your heart be free.
Love can be at work in unfortunate events. Trust love.
Being one with God, the dear neighbor and all of creation is one movement.
God's holy love is always at work in us. We never arrive but are always a work in progress.