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SHA Students Become Published Authors

41 Sacred Heart Academy students have become published authors as their works have been included in the second edition of Salons of Enlightenment

In a ceremony held in the Sister Virginia Crowley Theatre on June 7, each author was presented with a copy of the hardcover book by SHA Principal, S. Joanne Forker, CSJ, Ed.D.  

Salons of Enlightenment Photo Gallery

Salons of Enlightenment is a compilation of original student plays/dialogues written as dialogue that expresses the political, social, economic, and cultural values of the Enlightenment Era in 18th-century Western Europe.  These creative historical fiction works were part of an assignment given to the young women in Sacred Heart’s sophomore Global Honors class taught by Mrs. Camille Emmett.

The student authors who are published in Salons of Enlightenment are:


Kaitlyn Agostini

Linda Artusa

Olivia Asencio

Alana Baldari

Lucia Bauman

Elizabeth Bavaro

Victoria Calabrese

Gabriella Chianese

Gwendolyn Church

Anne Crinnion

Lia DiMitri

Madison Ekstrom

Cynthia Espinal

Katherine Fitzpatrick

Caroline Giacone

Michela Giura

Jessica Greer

Margaret Hayes

Nia Johnson

Samantha Joseph


Courtney Koleda

Isabella Macher

Kaitlyn Maltempi

Kayla Martello

Mia Martinez

Ashley Miller

Kera Miller

Emma Moquin

Julia Nygaard

Claire O'Connell

Margaret O'Connell

Bridget O'Donnell

Amari Paul

Emily Plevritis

Kerry Quinn

Kathryn Sandford

Barbara Speight

Shannon Thieke

Sarah Weggeland

Lindsay Wichern