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A Special Message to Educators in Honor of Catholic Schools Week

Happy Catholic Schools Week! On behalf of the entire Sacred Heart Academy community, I want to recognize the tremendous work you and your faculty do to educate young people in the Catholic traditions of both academic excellence and faith-filled values. We are delighted to be welcoming so many students from Catholic Elementary schools to SHA’s freshman Class of 2022. Last week so many of the incoming students proudly came to registration wearing their Elementary School uniforms. They spoke about how well prepared they felt for high school, and their families were so enthusiastic about continuing their Catholic education. We are grateful for the foundation you establish in Elementary School and look forward to offering your alumnae an excellent high school education.

Our principal, S. Joanne Forker, our admissions director, Ms. Mary White, and the entire Sacred Heart Academy community will pray in a special way this week for our Catholic Elementary Schools. We will thank God for the good work you do, and ask for God’s blessing on all of your future endeavors.

Best wishes for a successful Catholic Schools Week!


Kristin Lynch Graham