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Sacred Heart Academy prepares students for college!

Everyone knows that the academic rigor and challenging curriculum here at Sacred Heart are designed to prepare SHA students to think critically, write effectively, and communicate meaningfully.  But with 100% of SHA graduates going on to attend the colleges of their choice, SHA puts the "college" in "college-preparatory."
This week two workshops have been offered to parents and their daughters to help ease the transition, calm any nerves, and build a step-by-step pathway to college.  Juniors and their parents participate in "Embrace Junior Year" with a focus on managing the specific challenges of that year, including SAT preparation, narrowing down college choices, sharpening grades and transcripts and much more.  Seniors and their parents participate in "Senior Financial Aid Night" with a focus on the types of financial aid and scholarships that are available to SHA graduates, the FAFSA application process, understanding financial aid offers from colleges and much more.
SHA prepares students for life.