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Sophomore, Junior Awarded NYIT Mini-Research Grant Awards

For the fourth consecutive year, the New York Institute of Technology has awarded several Mini-Research Grant Awards (MRGA) to outstanding high school students all across Long Island. The purpose of these awards is to fund the cost of research materials and related expenses associated with a high school research project proposal or a continuing project in STEM and related disciplines. Proposals for projects starting Spring 2021 or Fall 2021 were eligible. The amount of each award is $300.  
  • Sophomore Naomi Berry was awarded an MRGA grant from NYIT to purchase equipment for her research project on the extent to which mealworms can dispose of (i.e., digest) plastic refuse.
  • Junior Kyra Browne's award - for the second consecutive year - will allow her to study developmental and seasonal changes in the composition of preen oil secretions by Muscovy ducks. 
Sacred Heart Academy has secured four awards in its first two years of entering the university's STEM-discipline grant competition.