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Eight SHA Students Submit Research to Regeneron Science Talent Search

Despite the hurdles created by the COVID-19 pandemic, eight Sacred Heart Academy students submitted research projects to the Regeneron Science Talent Search. The students and their project are as follows:
  • Leilah Clark: "Does parental occupation influence job aspirations in high school females?"
  • Erin Cooper: "Media microaggressions? A content analysis of mainstream newspaper descriptions of non-white male victims of violence, 2014-15 vs. 2019-20"
  • Sophia Fitzpatrick: "When guilt is good: Can employing anthropomorphism in PSA’s improve climate change awareness and activism?"
  • Angelina Kramer: "Factors exacerbating PM-2.5 air pollution in four discrete sites in and near New York City"
  • Mary Menger : "Canaries in the coal mine: Evaluating the effects of petrochemical contamination on the cardiovascular health of Daphnia major"
  • Lindsay Moran: "Poor letter knowledge among skilled readers despite significant visual exposure"
  • Carmela Musso: "The effects of spirituality & technology usage on the resilience of students attending faith-based institutions"
  • Genevieve Satzinger: "The impact of sleep quality & quantity on performance among aesthetic athletes"