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SHA Cross Country/Track and Field Wins ElliptiGO $3,000 Training Package

SHA Track and Field coach Angela Mongitore entered and won a contest by ElliptiGO selects one school program to receive a free ElliptiGO Training Package worth over $3,000.
"When I saw the [giveaway alert], I immediately thought of how this product would benefit the cross country and track programs at Sacred Heart," Coach Mongitore said.
The entry form asked for SHA's school information, where we are located, etc. and asked why we would benefit from this product at our school. In short, Coach Mongitore explained how much SHA's running programs have grown over the last few years from being 4th or so in the League to now being League Champions and well-known across Long Island.
"I explained how important it is for high school runners to have a means of cross training when they need a break from running on hard surfaces everyday to prevent injuries," Coach Mongitore said. "I explained we have had some of our girls develop shin splints/stress fractures and without a fitness center at SHA, it becomes very difficult to find ways for them to cross train while still at practice with their team."
The cross country and track and field coaches couldn't be more excited and grateful to win this contest that would benefit their runners in so many ways.
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