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Summer Wishes

In Susan Muto’s book, Womanspirit, she recalls getting lost driving to a small town where she was giving a presentation to an interfaith assembly. Distraught and desperate for directions, she stopped at a gas station and blurted out her frustration to the gas attendant who was rocking back and forth in an old wicker chair. When Susan paused, the attendant looked at her and with all-knowing eyes spoke to her words she never forgot: “Honey, you ain’t lost. You’re here…and there ain’t no way you can be lost if you’re here.” How can we be lost if we are where God calls us to be? 
Summer can be the season when we continue to go, go, go, or summer can hold the days when we take the time to get in touch with ourselves. What is my heart telling me? Am I going where God is leading? The way to wholeness and holiness is not smooth. Potholes and ruts are part of the journey. At these moments, God graciously waits to teach us, encourage us, and show us what is expected of us. No parent, no church, no society will ever be perfect. No marriage will go unscarred by misunderstanding. No friendship is ever entirely free from incidents of disappointment. Our saving grace is that we are never alone. We journey with a God whose intimate and providential love transforms us and touches us with consolation, insight, strength, mercy and courage. 
Let us pray: Loving God, slow us down this summer. Create in us a desire to pause and recover our hopes and dreams. Help us accept realistically what can be accomplished in our lifetime and what is not meant to be. In the people who cross our life, in the beauty of each season, and in the fragility of the planet (our home) may we behold the hand of God and listen to what the Spirit attempts to tell us through them. We offer this prayer in the name of our God who continues to create us, who saves us, and who inspires and empowers us. Amen. 
Source:  Womenspirit by Susan Muto