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"The Easter Challenge" Prayer and Reflection for Easter

The Easter Challenge* 

You believe because you can see...
Happy are those who have not seen
and yet believe.
John 20:20 

Every year it happens:
earth shakes its sleepy head,
still a bit wintered and dull,
and feels new life stirring. 

Every year we hear the stories:
empty tomb, faithful women,
runners with news and revelation,
unexpected encounters,
conversations on the road,
tales of nets filling with fish,
and breakfast on a seashore. 

And every year
the dull, the fear, the disbelief in us
meet our Easter challenge: 

to find God in the unexpected,
to believe beyond our insecurity and doubts,
to seek God’s presence and revelation in every situation, in every person,
to believe that all creation speaks of God’s love and boundless affection for us,
to be open to new possibilities arising from failures, disappointments or what has ended,
to trust in my own greening,
and to make peace with myself and my world. 

May our God who is full of kindness, mercy and love without measure
touch your life in a beautiful way this Easter. 

Happy Easter! 

*Adapted from "The Easter Challenge," Out of the Ordinary, by Joyce Rupp