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33 Juniors Train to be Eucharistic Ministers

With the seniors graduating and moving onto college, it's time for the juniors to step in as the new group of Eucharistic Ministers.
Last week, a group of 33 SHA juniors attended the Eucharistic Minister Training at Chaminade High School. They will officially be appointed as Eucharistic Ministers at the Opening Liturgy in September when they are seniors.
God bless the following students as they train for this special ministry:
  • Kaitlyn Agostini                
  • Alma Calderon                 
  • Frances Curley                  
  • Allison DeMeo                 
  • Mary Donnelly                 
  • Ajana Downs                     
  • Madison Ekstrom            
  • Cynthia Espinal                 
  • Elizabeth Flory                  
  • Maria Gambino                
  • Michela Giura                   
  • Caitlin Griffin                    
  • Laura Hertlein                   
  • Marie Jack          
  • Elizabeth Jensen
  •  Nia Johnson                     
  • Samantha Joseph
  • Calianne Keane
  • Isabella Macher
  •  Fiona Marren
  • Catherine Mitchell
  • Julia Nygaard
  • Marie Neumann
  • Clare O’Connell
  • Margaret O’Connell
  • Kyra O’Driscoll
  • Kerry Quinn
  • Anne Raleigh
  • Margaret Saville
  • Shannon Thieke
  • Megan Tierney
  • Sarah Van Riper
  • Carolyn Wiedenhoft