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Science Research Students Earn Top Honors

Science research students at Sacred Heart Academy have earned top honors for their respective projects.
Senior Margaret Saville's ecological research into the impact of artificial turf fields on local waterways -  "Differential Effects of Crumb Rubber Contamination on Aquatic Eco-Systems by Heavy Metal Leaching" - was selected for presentation at the prestigious Long Island Natural History Conference, a yearly gathering of academics and professionals from all over the region. Unfortunately, this conference was canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak, but we are proud of Maggie for earning this impressive honor.

Junior Erin Cooper and sophomore Kyra Browne are recipients of New York Institute of Technology's Mini-Research Grant Awards. Each of the students earned $200 "to offset the costs of materials...and/or printing expenses for poster materials." Significantly, Sacred Heart Academy was the only Nassau County school to earn multiple grants in 2019-20. 

  • Erin's engineering project, "Think before you drink: Developing a (cost-)effective, eco-friendly date-rape drug-detecting straw," seeks to use recyclable materials to develop a straw capable of immediately identifying four common date-rape drugs in alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks.
  • Kyra's ecology project, "Effects of crumb rubber contamination on terrestrial systems by heavy metal leaching," examines how the zinc residue from artificial turf fields inhibits red worm growth in the nearby soil.